Sunday, December 31, 2006

The LAFCO Bus 2006 North American Tour

The LAFCO bus is on an exciting adventure this summer--crossing the country from Venice to Brooklyn.

As we traverse, we will be exploring answers to the following question:

How do the poor and politically disenfranchised use the arts to give themselves a voice and effect change. More broadly what is the relationship between art and politics in America today?

Through interviews and interactions with musicians, painters, poets, and hip-hop artists, as well as profiles of their work, we will create a documentary film that provides a rare, honest and inspiring look at the work of America’s most under-represented communities. The adventures of the crew itself living on the bus and struggling to make it across the country with barely enough money for gas, provides the narrative thread.

The crew is made up of a wildly diverse group of artists: An Italian American prince, a Japanese Samurai photographer, a Native American filmmaker, 2 black hip hop artists, a rapper and filmmaker who went from Oklahoma to Watts, a photojournalist, and 2 incredible women tough and patient enough to live on a school bus with all these crazy boys!

The final film (tentatively titled "Pocket Change") as well as all the additional footage we gather, will be the culmination of 5 years of LAFCO’s mission of giving a voice to artists who do not fit the corporate mold. On this journey, the medium really is the message, as the eclectic and fiercely independent team of filmmakers and musicians on the LAFCO bus use their tools to interact with the people they meet by sharing their creativity with them: collaborating on musical tracks, making music videos, taking photographs, and more...

The interior of the LAFCO bus:

For more info, please visit
contact: taoruspoli [at]


Anonymous John Long said...

I think it sounds really good, Tao. If @ all possible -- when your on the east coast... I'd like to catch up with ya'll. I think this sounds like an exciting adventure. -jL

11:17 PM  
Anonymous moto said...

This is crazy exciting adventure for you guys!! I'm cody and kazu's friend Yuko from Japan. I didn't know that you guys left to go to NY from Venice!!! WOW>> WOW!!! you guys are lucky to be on that trip!! I am so excited for you guys and i'm looking forward to see the documentary when its done!! Hi COdy and Kazu-san! I'm in japan hanging out with masayo and them hahaha!!! ciao!!!

love yuko

7:47 AM  
Blogger fellista said...

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5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

8:41 PM  
Blogger planetcesar said...


and my fellow friends

so glad to hear yu are on the road

i reached kansas

so key west to kansas is done

photos and more at

working on a doc about frankies pizza shop in miami

i shot the footage 10 years ago and i'm fionally doing it up

where are yu now

zap back at


5:00 AM  

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